Strategic Briefing: Paris

Dear activists, dreamers, and climate rebels,

The French government has unilaterally banned the upcoming climate march and civil disobedience in Paris. Now the movement is faced with a dilemma: comply or disobey.

This turn of events is a historic opportunity. 

Last week, the climate march was destined for failure. Organizers were playing it safe. We all knew what would happen: the people would march, the media would watch, politicians would ignore, and everyone would go home. That kind of protesting is broken.  

But now—if the people mobilize in Paris despite the ban, no one knows what will happen. 

Take this moment of uncertainty, add fresh tactics and a contagious fearlessness, and a social movement will ignite. 

Here's a wild idea: on November 29 and December 12, let's gather around bonfires in the parks of Paris and hammer out the platform of a World Party that can win elections in multiple countries and unify the globe.

This kind of social movement is our only chance to defeat the disaster capitalists, short-sighted politicians and nihilist terrorists who stand in the way of a sane and sustainable future.

Time to get started.

For life and light,


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